Hello there! My name is Nathan, but most people just call me Nate. I am a very enthusiastic and hard-working leader with over 8 years of hands-on experience. I have worked in several retail environments of different volumes opening my eyes to many different aspects of running a business. I love connecting and engaging with others, especially in a team atmosphere. It’s extremely rewarding to help others connect the dots between the work they’re contributing, and how it impacts the company overall, which helps others be their best self.

I also have a passion for technology. Outside of work, you’ll often times find me tinkering with my server to broaden my knowledge on it as a whole. It has allowed me to have a better understanding of Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems, CMSs, SQL, Web hosting, DNS Hosts, DHCP Servers, and more. My curiosity has even pushed me into starting my own small business where I help others find the perfect hosting solution for their websites.

Overall, I love to surround myself with others. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, I’m always connecting with others.